AneScan Anesthesia EMR Raises Quality of Care and Provider's Satisfaction With Automated Vital Sign Charting in Its AIMS Platform Supported by Neximatic's Vital Sign Streaming


AneScan has partnered with Neximatic to automate vital sign charting that eliminates error-prone hand charting on its AIMS platform. Instead of spending time capturing hundreds of vital signs on each case, providers can focus on their patients in ORs and surgery rooms, directly raising the quality of care. By automating the charting process, practice management can ensure vital signs are accurately completed for each case, alleviating the concern of missing or incorrect vital signs when data is manually captured.  

"We are focused on creating an experience for providers that is easy to use and versatile for the unique needs of individual practices," said James Morrissey, CEO of AneScan. "Automating charting with Neximatic's technology has resonated with users and management. They see the value in raising the quality of care while simultaneously increasing providers' satisfaction. They can focus on what they are trained for - delivering care to their patients." 

"We are excited about this partnership with AneScan," said Bobby Wong, President of Neximatic, Inc. "Similar to AneScan, our solution is very flexible and allows deployment to facilities with different levels of IT infrastructure. This helps bring the benefits of automated charting to more providers and practice management."

Through the partnership with Neximatic, AneScan is able to deliver automated vitals into the electronic medical record, which improves accuracy and enhances clinician's productivity. AneScan and Neximatic are dedicated to promoting a culture of patient safety by reducing documentation error rates. 

About AneScan 

AneScan is the leading cloud-based anesthesia EMR that streamlines the entire perioperative process through an intuitive interface. The AneScan platform allows for custom forms and data points, promoting ease of adoption while enhancing billing and regulatory compliance. AneScan provides decision support intelligence and an analytics platform allows for improved quality, operational and financial management. Interoperability with IT systems reduces manual entry and mistakes. With AneScan, anesthesia providers, hospital administrators and billing personnel are dynamically connected to the patient's record and data, streamlining the perioperative workflow. Please visit to learn more.

About Neximatic, Inc.

Neximatic, Inc. is a technology provider for electronic health record (EHR) providers, enabling new features in EHRs. Its vital sign streaming solution has enabled automatic charting in AIMS and tele-health applications. For more information, please visit


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About Neximatic Inc

Neximatic Inc. offers technology solution that enables new automation in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Neximatic's Vital Sign Streaming Solution automates vital sign charting on EHRs, raising quality of patient care and efficiency.

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