Newswire Covers the Top 10 Press Release Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Latest Smart Start Video

Press releases are meant to share newsworthy information with a company's target audience and the media. In its latest Smart Start video, Newswire is sharing the top 10 mistakes writers should avoid when writing their next press release.

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Newswire, an innovative press release distribution company, is setting out to help small and midsize companies in all industries write better, more effective press releases.

In a previous video, the company covered the topic of the inverted pyramid and how it can be used to properly structure a press release to ensure the most important information is covered in the opening paragraph.

To build on this subject, in its latest video installment, Newswire discusses the benefits of using press releases to promote a business as well as the top 10 press release writing mistakes to avoid including:

  • Not infusing search engine optimization (SEO) keywords
  • Choosing the wrong press release distribution channel
  • Writing boring headlines

"Just as press release distribution is important, so too is the actual content and message of a company's press release," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "That's why we're creating these educational videos like this one to empower business professionals to rethink how they write and distribute press releases."

Newswire's approach to media and marketing continues to evolve as they offer a myriad of services to help their clients create a cohesive front across all touchpoints to better share their message and connect with their target audience and relevant media outlets. 

A major component to their approach is becoming an extension of their clients' teams to uncover newsworthy topics, craft compelling press releases, identify media opportunities, launch targeted campaigns, and maximize their media and marketing strategies. 

"Press releases are a valuable marketing vehicle, and the information we share in this video will help writers craft well-rounded releases for their companies," Terenzio noted.

Watch Newswire's latest video, Top 10 Press Release Mistakes to Avoid, to uncover the most common press release mistakes and how to avoid them. 

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