Revenue Refresh: Newswire Offers Cutting-Edge PR and Media Strategies for CROs

There's an unsuspecting, underutilized weapon already lurking in each company's media, marketing and communications toolkit, and Newswire is helping clients brush the dust off.

Stale, outdated and boring: the least attractive and sadly common attributes that are often found in modern press releases.

But rules are made to be broken, right? Newswire aims to disrupt the traditional notion of not only what press release distribution is, but what it can accomplish.

"We know that earning media coverage, whether in local newspapers or major trade publications, can not only provide temporary buzz around a growing company but can add tremendous value to their brand," said Newswire CMO, Charlie Terenzio. "The benefits of press release distribution are endless, from SEO backlinks to increased sales funnel leads and beyond."

Still don't believe it? Our results for clients in a variety of industries say otherwise. 

One client recently reported $5 million in additional revenue due to the press coverage Newswire has generated for them on the Media Advantage Plan (MAP), a full-service media and marketing communications program. 

Aside from direct sales benefits, they also earned multiple stories in major trade publications and coverage in notable outlets like Business Insider, Forbes, Cheddar, Tech Crunch, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. 

Creating excitement about your brand helps more than your bottom line, too. Clients have had notable public figures share their stories on social media and comment on their products and services. 

For a small or midsize company still growing, this type of recognition can completely revolutionize how they are seen within their own industry.

Terenzio added, "We know there's a ton of untapped potential in press release distribution and we're here to help businesses seize these opportunities. And honestly, we're the only company in our industry doing things this way."

So what are you waiting for? Find out what Newswire could offer YOU! Try distributing a press release today with this 10% off coupon. And if you need help with writing your release, we've got you covered - speak with our staff today.

About Newswire

Newswire delivers its best-in-class technology as a service to provide high-impact press release distribution empowering the Media Advantage: greater brand awareness through earned media, increased traffic, greater search engine recognition, more leads and increased sales.

Newswire is the only one in the industry that provides the Media Advantage Plan "MAP" that provides press release campaign automation that delivers press releases, media outreach and targeted commercial marketing to provide customers the going to market advantage required to compete for the mindshare and market share needed to accelerate sales. The "MAP" provides Newswire experts that customize a media and marketing communications plan and platform that ensures timely campaign production, and in a cost-effective manner that produces more value.

To learn more about press release distribution or the Media Advantage Plan, visit and check out why our customers have named us #1 for Customer Satisfaction in our industry for four years in a row.

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