Newly Patented Redo Voting System Offers U.S. States Upgraded Election Security in Time for Midterm Elections


With trust in America's election process at an all-time low, Redo Voting just may have the solution the country needs right now with its new, automated, completely auditable, digitally secure, large-scale voting system. Redo Voting combines modern digital cryptography and data management with secure paper documents to ensure an end-to-end, unbreakable chain-of-custody for every vote in order to restore confidence in all U.S. elections. 

"Not being able to trust our country's elections is unacceptable—and simply un-American," said John Rogers, President and Co-founder, Redo Voting. "Election results using Redo Voting technology will be uncontestable because they are mathematically provable with the additional assurance of a secure chain of custody for each and every vote-something entirely absent from many states' current process."

Redo Voting's secure ballots are printed by the very same secure printers used to create scratch-off lottery tickets used by many state lotteries. A unique set of codes are printed under special scratch material. These unique codes are revealed by each voter when they pick up their ballot and scratch it, allowing election officials to track each secure ballot from the printer, to the warehouse, to the voter, creating a secure chain of custody for each vote. Voters can verify that their vote was counted and correctly submitted in real-time and access anytime in the future. With Redo Voting, voter information is private and cannot be traced back to the individual voter.

The Redo Voting process also allows for full transparency during the election. The entire process can be observed by party officials, law enforcement agencies, as well as news organizations who can run their own election tallies immediately after the polls close and fully verify results within minutes—not days or weeks. 

Not only does the voting process become more secure, but Redo Voting works equally well with electronic and paper ballots and any number of existing election machines and systems currently in use. 

For example, absentee voters can conduct the process electronically via an online request. The absentee ballot is cast securely, in real-time, from anywhere in the world—but only by the voter who requested it.

About Redo Voting

With trust in America's electoral process reaching an all-time low, Redo Voting is a new, automated, completely auditable, digitally secure, large-scale voting system currently being offered to all U.S. states. For more information, including answers to technological questions, visit


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