Newborn Adoptions Plummet in the U.S., States Adoption Attorney

Adoption Attorney Quincy Braxton

Quincy Braxton, an attorney in San Diego that specializes in the field of adoptions, says that he speaks to families daily that are seeking to enlarge their family through adoption. Most of these families are physically unable to have their own biological children and have been through vigorous infertility treatments. Adoption, for many, is their only hope to have a child.

The problem, Braxton states, is the number of infertile families far surpasses the number of adoptable infants and the numbers continue to increase annually. Many of the families that he speaks with have been trying to adopt for in excess of 5 years.

As the number of adoptable infants decreases, many adoption agencies, which are dependent on placements in order to survive, are shutting their doors and filing bankruptcy, leaving the families that had entrusted them angry and feeling hopeless. The most recent was the shutting of the Independent Adoption Center on January 30, 2017, leaving hundreds if not thousands of families countrywide reeling.

The reasons, Braxton believes, are many. Birth control options make it possible for a woman to obtain a small implant called Nexplanon which will protect her from pregnancy for 4 years. In addition, the birth rate is at the lowest rate that it has been since the beginning of record keeping over a hundred years ago. In 1957 at the peak of the country's birthrate, there were 122.9 births per 1000 women. In 2016 the birth rate declined to 59.8 per 1000 women aged 15 to 44.

In addition, women are waiting longer to have their first child. This can be a problem in that many women are waiting too long, and then realizing that they have missed out on their best child-bearing years. These are the women of course, that often look to adopt.

Society has changed drastically over the years. Women generally do not give a child up for adoption because they are not married. Enforced child support laws and liberal government assistance and daycare programs allow women to afford to keep and raise their children.

Another large factor in the decline of adoptable children is that, as world trade increases, many once-impoverished countries who at one time allowed their children to be adopted by wealthy Americans are finding that there are now financially secure families in their own countries that can adopt healthy infants.

“Surrogacy,” Braxton states, “seems to be the new adoption.” He continues, “Many people will opt to retain the services of a surrogacy attorney in a surro friendly state, and with the assistance of an egg donor and sperm donor, have a lot more control than they would in an adoption situation.”

It should be mentioned that the cost to have a child through a surrogate is much higher than the cost of adoption; it can exceed $100,000.00. According to Braxton, the cost to adopt a child through a private agency or attorney averages around $30,000.00.

When asked if the high cost would eliminate a lot of wonderful potential families Braxton replied:

“Well, the good news is that families that are unable to afford the high costs to adopt do have some options. Firstly, they need to keep in mind that the Federal government is still offering an adoption tax credit which has been increased to $13,570.00 for 2017. The majority of families that adopt are entitled to that credit. In addition, most counties have a program called 'Fost-Adopt,' which allows an infant to be placed with an adoptive family at birth with the intention of a permanent placement. There is no cost, and in fact, the family usually gets paid by the county to care for the child prior to the adoption.”

It sounds like those that really want to adopt and persevere have a chance.

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