New York City Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist Launches New Website

New York City professional therapy counseling specialist, Susan Whedbee announces launch of new website.

NYC professional therapy and counseling relationship specialist Susan Whedbee is pleased to announce the launch of her new website. 

Ms. Whedbee stated, “We are very excited about our new website, the goal of which is to communicate with prospective patients and let them know how we can help with the life challenges they are facing.” She added, “Our site is built on the latest parallax scrolling platform to ensure a positive user experience.She emphasized,Recognizing that today, people access websites via a variety of mobile devices, we used a responsive website design (RWD) that adapts automatically to the device a website visitor is using to connect to the internet whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad or tablet.”

Susan Whedbee, a licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, treats individuals and couples. She specializes in depression, anxiety, marital and parenting problems, grief/loss, life transitions and addictive behaviors. She believes her role as a therapist is not just to treat symptoms, but to help her patients gain insight about the root cause of their issues, while providing tools to enable them to move forward to bring positive change to their lives.

Before opening her private practice, Ms. Whedbee’s public sector experience included working for The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services where she provided psychotherapy for adults and children as well as couples and marriage counseling and family therapy. While on the Affect Disorder Team at the Payne Whitney Clinic of New York Presbyterian Hospital, she treated severely depressed patients and provided individual therapy in the acute stage of the patient’s illness. She also provided therapy and psychoeducation for patients’ respective spouses and families. In her tenure at The Bridge, Inc., she treated people with chronic mental disabilities, some of which included substance abuse. 

For more information about Susan Whedbee, visit website.

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