New York City Leaders and Civil Society Gathering for Reunification of Korea and Peaceful Settlement in Yemen

As peaceful discussions happen in Korea, civil unrest threatens Yemen. Civil Society in New York to stand up and voice for peace.

"Conflicts There Affects Us Here" hosted by HWPL, IPYG, IWP, and the Yemeni American Association will take place at Columbia University. In an effort to promote multicultural coexistence and peace in New York, a place known for its diversity, panelists comprised of governmental and UN officials, international organizations and civil groups will be discussing a wide range of issues concerning specific conflicts, integration of different cultures and empowerment of people by the international community. The hosts of this event hope that this event can be a platform for dialogue and mutual understanding between different cultural groups. By sharing the issues that pertain to each country, it creates awareness and, in turn, a united heart for peace.

As the Korean peninsula nears its 65th year of division due to the Korean War, at last peaceful talks between the North and South are happening, and unification becomes a more possible reality by the day. Conversely, this year also marks the 28th anniversary of the unification of Yemen, however, there are still constant threats to the peace that has been achieved. In the midst of all this, civil society from Korea and Yemen will come together in NYC to host an event to highlight the necessity for cooperation of all sectors for peace.

South Korea and Yemen may be far apart in distance, however, the citizens of both these countries share the common thread of a longing for peace in their respective countries and also for those living in New York. Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) and the Yemeni American Association (YAA) will host an event to show the New York community that a united civil society is the key ingredient of a better, more accepting world.

During the event, the attendees will have the opportunity to fill out letters for the longing of peace and end of war to each respective heads of state. These letters for peace are a collaboration with IPYG for the youth to send their thoughts and longing for peace to their presidents. Most predominantly, letters will be collected and sent to the head of state of South Korea, Yemen, Mali and Senegal - nations that are to be represented at the event.

The Yemeni American Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving over 50,000 Yemeni American in the U.S. HWPL has been advocating peace and stability in the Korean peninsula since 2014, when a group of former heads of state from Eastern Europe were appointed as the HWPL Advisory Council at the 25th Anniversary Event of the Fall of Communism. These two organizations hope to show the world that peace is not limited to national boundaries, race, religion or any creed, but true peace lies within the heart of each individual, and by extension, each community.

Source: HWPL

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