New Year White Tantra Experience to Reset Everyones Vibration and Tune in With the Universe | Encinitas/San Diego

Everyone has been surfing a giant wave and it's time to bring home the New Energies for 2016 as the wave crests! What Guru Kirin and Wahe Guru Kaur are bringing in is: Love of self, love for others, connection with universal love, compassion and oneness with each participants divine soul! participants should come with the intentions they wish to achieve in 2016.

​New Years White Tantra Kundalini Meditation Experience with Guru Kirin and Wahe Guru Kaur, January 3rd, 1:00 - 5:00 pm, $35, The Soul of Yoga, 627 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas, Ca, 760.943.7685. More information, and to register before this special event sells out.

"The mind is your servant to master time and space and to always find a way to connect with the infinite. To tap this intelligence with the mind say to yourself, "I am Thee. Thou is me, me is Thou, I am Thee." Yogi Bhajan. Welcome home!

The angels have whispered in my ear....They are planning to join us on Jan. 2nd! Here's what YOgi Bhajan has to say, "...Allow your mind to become meditative, clean yourself. Neither the body nor your possessions , nor you will remain forever; therefore, beginning with this moment, for an entire day, utilize your energy gracefully to perceive the unperceivable, hear the unheard, and see the unseen. It is He who is unseen and you are a part of HIm and He is a part of you. Try consciously offering your body, your mind and your soul." This our intention for the New Year!

Guru Kirin, Leading the White Tantra Meditation Experience

Everyone has have been surfing a giant wave and are bringing home the New Energies for 2016 as the wave crests! What participants will be bringing in is: Love of self, love for others, connection with universal love, compassion and oneness with your divine soul!

Read what this person explains what participants are doing in White Tantra!

"Know that it takes a serious focus, dedication and consistency to ascend higher in conscious awareness and raising your frequency to vibrate to the activation of the Light Body.

It continues to be important to cultivate inner stillness in order to climb more into a higher frequency, where, through doing this, everyone then can calibrate their DNA to match the frequency of Light to that of which participants consciousness vibrates. This Light then exudes through the holographic body as a glow which forms an aura where, in fact, when people vibrate to this higher frequency, the cells then start behaving differently; they take on the characteristics of Light. Atoms in your cells shift from that of a dense frequency into Crystalline Light Matter, where the light of consciousness shines or is reflected through the body. In truth, the Light Body is merely an evolved version of the dense carbon matter body or hologram.

When people are activated into the Light Body, they glow in radiance. This radiance then keeps the body vibrant. They then shine in youthfulness, never aging, or growing wrinkles, as you are in that moment expressing a higher vibrational state of consciousness which comes with a harmonization of their eternal expression/consciousness actualized in form. The body can then be used as the tool/vehicle to experience the hologram it is and be let go at any time of the soul's journey, with the soul's will, without the body dying. The soul can then explore other cosmic dimensions of experience on its divine path in growth and expansion." ~Garrith

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