A New Year Brings Fresh Opportunities for Those Who Love Yoga to Begin to Teach | Encinitas/San Diego

Every year there is a buzz about beginning to live the lives people want to live. To Become independent, confident, healthy, prosperous, and to support others to be on this path too. Becoming a yoga teacher does this, and more. Yet there are so many yoga teacher trainings out there this is the school that supports students before, during, and after. The school that blends the science, the spirituality, and students can teach right after graduation.

200 Hour Hatha Teacher Training Intensive Certification, Soul of Yoga/Soul of Yoga Institute, 627 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas, Ca, Part A is a 10 day session: February 4 - 13, 2016, Park B is a 8 day session: April 23 - 30, 2016. Learn more on how to become a Yoga Teacher and What the Soul of Yoga offers to its students 

Hatha Teachers Are A Dime A Dozen
​But Not Hatha Teachers Trained At The Soul of Yoga…

The Soul of Yoga Institute teacher training absolutely transformed me on many levels. I came into it desperately needing clarity and healing in my life, and came out of it with a deeply renewed faith in myself and a solid sense of inner strength. This training is beyond learning to become a yoga teacher—it is about getting into the heart, truly healing and reconnecting with our Divine Essence, and learning to lead a life of love and devotion.

Recent Graduate

It is where Harvard Meets Hogwarts!

A teaching certification from the Soul Institute is the equivalent to an Ivy League degree on Wall Street.

A Bold Statement? Not Really…

  • Renowned Hatha Yoga guru’s are brought in specifically to teach students
  • Over 5,000 Hatha Teachers have graduated from the Soul Institute. The teachers are masters at teaching teachers
  • There’s opportunities galore to teach right away. And this is critical to mastering each students personal craft

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Your Space for Re-Discovery! Re-Discover the Yogi in you with the most yoga styles in Encinitas & San Diego. Re-Discover authentic power with the most unique Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Soul of Yoga
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