New Workflow Engine Released

The open source project 'Imixs Workflow' released its latest version 3.1.6 of the Imixs workflow engine.

Imixs Workflow is a java framework for a human and adaptive process management. These kinds of software frameworks are typically used for business applications with flexible interactive user interfaces. Examples of these are approval workflows or workflows in project management software.

The Imixs Workflow Engine is based on the Java Enterprise Specification JEE and provides a transactional and scalable BPM engine with an easy to use modelling tool. The requirements to a business process solution can vary widely depending on the nature of the business process. For example a business process can be complete within hours or it can take days, weeks or even months to process to completion. In these circumstances a BPM Solution needs to be able to scale efficiently and it needs to be able to persist the process state, and manage complex transactions. A business process solution needs to manage long living process instances in a robust and highly available environment. For these reasons it is important to provide a standardized technology environment to implement a BPM Solution.

The new release includes different improvements and bug fixes. A major change included in this release is the new project structure. The project is based on Maven and all submodules 'core', 'engine', 'web-tools' and 'rest-api' are now managed in a maven multi-module structure. This simplifies the integration and will lead to more and shorter release cycles. According to the new release the Imixs Workflow project has been migrated from Oracles platform to GitHub. This is an important step towards a more simplified access for developers and IT companies.