Imixs-Workflow 3.4.0 With New Rest API

The Open Source Project Imixs-Workflow published the next release of the workflow engine for JEE7 business applications. The new release provides an enhanced Rest Service API for building workflow applications even faster and more flexible.

This week the Imixs Software Solutions GmbH published the latest version of Imixs-Workflow. Version 3.4.0 of the Open Source workflow engine  includes a revised Rest API and several improvements of the Core-API.

The main goal of the new Rest API was to simplify the usage for rest-based web clients. With modern single-page-application (SPA) frameworks like Angular, Ember or BenJS, business applications can be realized now much faster and easier. A new version of the JavaScript library Imxis-Script will be published shortly. Imixs-Script simplifies the usage of the Imixs-Workflow Engine within JavaScript applications. The Imixs-Admin client is already based on this new technology.

In addition to the improvements in the Rest and Core API the new release contains some bug fixes as well as enhancements for the Lucene Interface and the management of timer events controlled by the Imixs-Workflow SchedulerService.

Imixs-Workflow is now fully JEE7 capable and can be run on modern application servers like WildFly 9.

With the new release now also different versions of BPMN 2.0 workflow models can be managed at run time. The EJB WorkflowService contains a new feature to manage newer versions of a workflow model in a running process instance. New model versions are recognized automatically in the repository and process instances will be migrated without the need of changes in the current application.

More info about Imixs-Workflow can be found on the Project Site and also on GitHub. Version 3.4. is also part of the open source workflow management suuiteImixs-Office-Workflow‘.