New Web Series, '8 at the Table,' by a Creative Productions is a Thought Provoking Hit!

Platformed on Facebook & Youtube, this show is what the net's been missing.

Season 2 Cast Members

Creator and Executive Producer, Alain Sajous, came up with the interesting idea to create “8 At The Table,” a NEW web series where eight people from all different walks of life, get together to discuss topics pertaining to love, sex, and relationships. The show is now in its second season and it airs every Tuesday on Facebook and Youtube at 8 P.M. (EST).

“I created the show because there was a void where people need to have the opportunity to discuss their relationship issues with others who may share different perspectives on the various topics selected,” states Sajous. “Some of the topics discussed are: “Do you believe in soul mates?” / “How private is your love life?” / “Would you date a couple?” and the topics can go on forever. Garnering massive views and engagement from the show’s Instagram page, it is evident that viewers and subscribers are hooked”, states Sajous.

I loved being a part of this show!

Danny Duces, Cast Member, Influencer

Ranging in ages from 50 to 21, each cast member brings a different experience, demographic, and cultural belief to the table. “The conversations get heated, but at the end, everyone walks away with a different perspective on the topic,” state Sajous. Previous episodes of featured social media influencers such as Sirius XM’s DJ Sussone; Danny Duces of BET’s “Hustle in Brooklyn”; Chrissy Monroe of “Love & Hip-Hop”; and more. “I loved being a part of this show!”, states Danny Duces.

Now into the show’s second season, “8 At The Table” is doing extremely well. “Collectively, the series has received well over 1 Million views”, states, Lynn Hobson, Co-Executive Producer for the series. “The show is a definite must-see.”

“The show is intriguing, informational, and hilarious. Some of the things that come out of our cast members’ mouths are jaw-dropping”, states Producer Elijah “Emazing” Smith. “Every time we film an episode, I personally walk away with a new angle on the topics.”

For more information on “8 At The Table”, feel free to reach out to check them out on Facebook and/or YouTube or contact Lynn Hobson at (347) 385-4092.

Source: A Creative Productions

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