New Version of Oxygen Forensic Detective Introduces Support for Ring, Mega, Groupme, and More

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensic solutions, kicks off the 3rd quarter with yet another release of their all-inclusive forensic platform, Oxygen Forensic® Detective. The update introduces support for several new apps and services such as Ring, Mega, and GroupMe Cloud. Improvements were also made to existing features like passcode brute force and Huawei support.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.13.6 grants investigators complete access to data from the popular home security service, Ring LLC. Ring's top product is currently the Ring Video Doorbell, a motion-activated smart device capable of capturing audio and video. Ring video data can be viewed live or played back in the Ring mobile app. With this update, investigators can extract Ring data from mobile devices, computers, and the cloud. Datasets include video recordings, snapshots, account information, location details, connected devices, event history, and much more. Other newly supported applications include Google Admin, Marco Polo, Huawei Browser, Mi Browser, Samsung Notes, and Mega. 

For years, Oxygen Forensics has supported more cloud services than any other digital forensic solution in the industry. That continues to hold true with this release, as they present support for GroupMe Cloud, a popular messaging app with almost 11 million registered users. Investigators will now have the ability to extract evidence from a GroupMe account using credentials from GroupMe, Microsoft, Google, or Facebook as well as a token extracted from a mobile device. Investigators will have access to account details, contacts, events, private chats, group chats, and more. 

Given that Oxygen's specialty is mobile forensics, the release of a new update wouldn't be complete without enhancing support for Huawei/Honor devices. Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.13.6 provides full support for Huawei/Honor devices, allowing them to bypass screen locks for devices using File-Based Encryption and based on the following Qualcomm chipsets: MSM8917, MSM8937, MSM8940, and MSM8953. Supported models include Honor 7A (AUM-L29), Huawei Y6 (2018), Mediapad M3 Lite 8, and others.

Oxygen Forensics continues to push themselves to acquire new apps and services that are timely and relevant to investigators in the industry, oftentimes implementing tools investigators don't realize they need yet. In an interview, we asked Oxygen Forensics COO, Lee Reiber, to speak on this. He stated, "Being proactive and staying ahead of the curve is no longer a goal but an expectation for us. Our job is to provide investigators with the tools they need to get their job done right, and providing innovative tools doesn't do much good, if they're not there when they need them." Overall, Oxygen Forensic Detective v.13.6 is another significant step for Oxygen Forensics.

For a full list of 13.6 updates, read our Release Notes

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