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Weathair Filters by Breatheclean Inc.

​​A new technology company is challenging the status quo in the building indoor air quality market.  Breatheclean Inc. is applying the latest in nanotechnology filter media to residential HVAC filters to convert entire houses into high quality indoor air purifiers at a surprisingly low cost.

“We searched the world for the right filter media which met the criteria we needed and that is hospital grade performance (merv15), durability, could withstand multiple cleanings, low pressure drop and is affordable,” said Peter Bruijns, General Manager of Breatheclean Inc.. “Our commitment is to help improve health through cleaner air indoors because the battle for clean air outdoors is far from being won.”

With the advances in media research, particularly in the field of electro-spinning of nanofibers, new higher performance media are already in the market in specialty applications, but Breatheclean is intent on making this technology available in the home.  Using nanofibers within the media reduces pore sizes which allow air through but not contaminants and this means higher performance with lower pressure drops, a key requirement for residential and commercial buildings.  This allows the media to catch far more than any off the shelf disposable filter can, from mold, to bacteria, pollens, viruses and fine particulate matter of all types.

The company currently markets its filters online and it is ramping up its business efforts.  Eventually additional products and solutions will be introduced along with geographic diversification.

“Knowing what is in the air and what harm comes from it is the educational component of the value we offer,” says Bruijns. “Once people understand air pollution and just how much is around us even in Canada it is an easy decision to buy an ultra high performance furnace filter especially when they realize there is no escaping air pollution outside the home. The population groups most affected by air quality are young children, the elderly and anyone with chronic lung and heart related disease.  As more and more people come to realize the harm air pollution causes they will want ways to take action affordably.”

In fact, according to the World Health Organization more than 80% of the world's population living in urban areas consistently breathe air above the recommended threshold indicating that this is a global problem.  More than 60% of Canadians live in areas where air quality exceeds WHO thresholds according to the World Data Bank. Indeed, air pollution is now regarded to be the 4th leading cause of death on the planet. 

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