Focus Should Be on Human Health to Set Climate Change Policy

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BreatheCLEAN Inc. routinely reviews and posts health-related information from around the world on the health effects of air pollution, with emphasis on fine particulate matter, and concludes that focusing on climate change is the wrong approach for governments. Rather, if governments focused on eliminating the negative human health effects of air pollution better decisions on climate change would result.

Some examples of global studies; New York University (Premature births, Low birth weight) – German Research Centre for Environmental Health (Acute Coronary Events) – Harvard University, MIT (Premature death) – National Institutes of Health (Cardiopulmonary disease) – University of Southern California (Dementia) – Harvard University (Autism) – Lancaster University (Alzheimer’s) – Physicians for Social Responsibility (Chronic Diseases) – Umea University (Adolescent Mental Illness) – American Academy of Pediatrics (Asthma, Lung Development, Atopy) – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Children’s Lung Development) – The Lancet (Heart Disease) – Environmental Health Perspectives (Lung Cancer). 

Many of these studies have multiple documented references and all link air pollution to issues of human health globally. The World Health Organization cites Air Pollution as the fourth leading cause of mortality on the planet today in part because Air Pollution is transboundary and therefore ubiquitous to all people everywhere. Early mortality results from exacerbation and acceleration of many chronic diseases in addition to being a contributing factor to disease onset.

“We began BreatheCLEAN to market simple washable filters to drastically reduce levels of fine particulate matter inside commercial and residential buildings,” said Peter Bruijns, President of breatheCLEAN a Canadian technology company. “It became very clear that air pollution as it relates to human health should be of far greater concern to governments than climate change.”

When asked how that would improve responses for climate change Bruijns added, “Governments are focusing on simplistic models for reducing carbon emissions which causes the government to focus primarily on energy efficiency and power generation allowing far too many industrial and automotive emissions to continue.  In Ontario, Canada, the Green Energy Act, diverts limited government funds to projects which have no further effect on climate change while many other emissions continue unabated, continuing to harm human health.”

If Governments set climate change policies around air emissions that factor into human health they would not only improve human health (reducing health care costs) but also make better progress in reducing climate change. 

About BreatheCLEAN Inc.

BreatheCLEAN was founded in 2016 and is a Canadian technology company focused on the sustainable removal of fine particulate matter inside residential and commercial buildings. The company uses advanced nanotechnology media in its filters which is recyclable and filter frames which are reusable and ultimately recyclable. 

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