New Survey From Software Connect Showcases Technology Trends in North American Manufacturing

Software Connect's "Tools of the Modern Manufacturer, 2017 Report" surveyed 158 North American manufacturers for their insights.

Software Connect, a vendor-neutral service that enables businesses to source the ideal technology for their needs, has just released a new report based on survey data from 158 manufacturing companies, analyzing the businesses’ current and planned use of material requirements planning (MRP) software, manufacturing execution system (MES) software, and other industry-specific technology tools. The survey was completed in the month of September 2017, and was released on November 14th.

Among the study’s key findings:

  • 61% of SMB manufacturers already use or plan to buy MRP software within the next year. Naturally, tracking raw materials is big business for manufacturers. Almost half currently use MRP software, and 27% plan to buy or upgrade their MRP in the next 12 months.
  • 34% already use or plan to implement MES software within the next three years. After MRP software, MES was cited as the most common tech manufacturers need.
  • Manufacturers are less likely to use cloud software than other industries. 51% do not use or plan to use cloud-based manufacturing software. In fact, manufacturers are 5% less likely to even consider using cloud-based systems (compared to all other industries).
  • Most manufacturers do not rely on mobile and tablet applications. 66% “never” or “seldom” use tablet/mobile apps to manage operations.
  • Expect general growth in software/technology investments in 2018. 83% plan to invest the same (37%) or more (46%) in 2018 (compared to 2017).

“As manufacturing automation becomes more sophisticated, savvy manufacturers are continually assessing their options for technology tools to support their processes,” says David Budiac, a managing partner at Software Connect.

By investing in the right technology tools and annually auditing their technology needs, manufacturers can gain an edge over competitors that haven't incorporated modern technologies into their processes.

David Budiac

Managing partner

“Identifying the right tools can go a long way towards helping manufacturers plan predictable budgets and time frames, enhancing operational efficiency. On the shop floor, MES software can continually measure and analyze resource utilization and performance in real time. By investing in the right technology tools and annually auditing their technology needs, manufacturers can gain an edge over competitors that haven’t incorporated modern technologies into their processes.”

View the entire study and Software Connect’s analysis here:

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