New State of Social Conversational Commerce Report Finds Consumers Prefer Private Messaging With Brands

State of Conversational Commerce 2022

Spectrm, the marketing platform businesses use to automate one-to-one conversations with consumers on messaging channels, has released the findings from its State of Social Conversational Commerce report.

The report surveyed 1,726 consumers: 780 from the EU and 946 from the U.S. with the purpose of better understanding their experiences messaging with brands, if messaging led to them purchasing a product, their thoughts on privacy and data collection, and more. 

Commenting on the findings, Max Koziolek, CEO of Spectrm, said, "We found private messaging has a profound impact on brand affinity and sales, more than most marketers may be aware. While conversational commerce has been growing in popularity for a few years, many brands limit their conversations only to chatbots on their websites. Our report's findings shed light on why this is the wrong way to think about conversational commerce. Instead, consumers want to engage with your brand in the same way they're already communicating with their friends: through private messaging on MessengerInstagram DMs or WhatsApp." 

Key Findings:

  • 60% of EU respondents and 51% of U.S. respondents prefer messaging over email or phone calls because it's faster and it's convenient.
  • 67% of EU respondents and 54% of U.S. respondents say they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers the option to engage via messaging. 
  • 81% of EU respondents and 78% of U.S. respondents said they would be comfortable giving preferences to a brand in a private and safe way, to receive a more personalized experience. 
  • 67% of EU respondents and 52% of U.S. respondents have messaged with a company on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. 
  • 53% of EU respondents and 43% of U.S. respondents have clicked on a Click to Messenger ad.

How people engage with and buy from brands has evolved, and Spectrm is leading this evolution. The company has powered 32.7 million one-to-one brand interactions in 2021, connecting 7.1 million new customers with brands via these one-on-one conversations. 

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