New Star Environmental Now Carrying SIBATA Environmental & Laboratory Products

Leading Georgia-based company with nearly 80 years combined experience in environmental monitoring and laboratory-based products become a preferred provider of instrumentation for research institutions, universities, government agencies and more; New Star's offering now includes premium environmental and laboratory measurement equipment from Tokyo-based lab tech giant.

New Star Environmental, Inc., a Georgia, USA-based company boasting nearly 80 years of combined experience in environmental monitoring and related markets with a focus on all applications of aerosol particle measurement, is now carrying products from Tokyo, Japan-based SIBATA Scientific Technology Ltd., a manufacturer of laboratory glassware, general-purpose scientific equipment, environmental measurement equipment and more. SIBATA retains ISO9001 certification, a global quality standard, as well as ISO14001 certification, reflecting the company’s efforts to promote a path toward a global industry standard.

New Star’s experience, coupled with its representatives’ extensive expertise in the sampling and analysis of gases and particles, has made the company the preferred provider of environmental monitoring instrumentation for research institutions, universities, government agencies, environmental/pharmaceutical/industrial hygiene entities and more, offering online purchasing of a complete range of high-quality laboratory equipment including Whatman filtration products, New Star brand of particle measurement impactors for viable and non-viable applications, particle counters, photoionization detectors, lab supplies, vacuum pumps, Gastec detector tubes, consumables to enable laboratory workflow solutions and air toxic and stack emissions testing instruments compliant with U.S. EPA sampling techniques.

At New Star, we strive to lead the industry by providing turnkey performance solutions through quality laboratory equipment and environmental instrumentation backed by a stellar level of customer service and product support.

Robert P. Ford


“At New Star, we strive to lead the industry by providing turnkey performance solutions through quality laboratory equipment and environmental instrumentation backed by a stellar level of customer service and product support,” says Robert P. Ford, president of New Star Environmental“We’ve also developed a global network of experienced sales and service engineers who provide quick response – regardless of where a customer may be in the world. In the tradition of this ‘global approach,’ we are proud to offer ultra-quality products from SIBATA in Japan and many other companies that continue to make instruments that contribute to environmental protection and general laboratory safety, utilizing achievements and technologies of more than 90 years in this industry.”

New Star Environmental’s product lines encompass items most frequently used by environmental labs, research facilities, universities, I.H. labs, contract laboratories, hazmat teams and government labs everywhere, including air calibration instruments, hotplates and stirrers, lab glassware, lab plastic ware, mixers, electronic balances, laboratory and personal sampling pumps, particle counters, cascade impactors, portable gas monitors, filter media, Gastec detector tubes, disposable gas cylinders, photoionization detectors, indoor air quality (IAQ) instruments and other “high-usage” equipment. 

Among New Star’s featured products on are the Ion Science Cub and Tiger VOC Detectors; the Met One Handheld Mass Monitor / Particle Counters for cleanroom verification and monitoring; Rocker Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps for vacuum drying, vacuum ovens, high-volume degas applications and high-volume vacuum filtration and the SIBATA Series of Personal Sampling Pumps. 

“As a small, flexible company managed by individuals with long histories in environmental monitoring and laboratory supply instrumentation, strong ethics and unflappable work habits, New Star possesses the ability to recognize innovation and the commitment to see our customers’ needs satisfied – regardless of how challenging they are,” concludes Ford.

New Star Environmental, Inc. is located at 3293 Ashburton Chase NE in Roswell GA 30075 and can be reached by calling (770) 998-0296. For more information visit or email

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