Fab Habitat Recognized by Ambiente for Their Distinctive Eco-Friendly Products

Fab Habitat is awarded the Ethical Style Label to showcase their eco-friendly products. This label helps tradeshow attendees to easily identify exhibitors who manufacture sustainable products.

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Fab Habitat is an exclusive home decor brand selling sustainable rugs, cushions, poufs, doormats as well as fashion accessories. They have redefined eco-friendly products with their choice of elegant designs and vibrant colors. All their products are easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect accessory for our living rooms, patios, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Fab Habitat is one of the few privileged brands to be presented the Ethical Style Label by Ambiente. All of their products are made from recyclable materials in a sustainable manner. Attendees can easily identify their brand with the Ethical Style label found next to the brand name in the catalog as well as the label present in their booth.

Ambiente is a leading international consumer goods trade fair. They are also one of the world's largest trade fair with collections from 4460 exhibitors coming in from 94 different countries. They showcase products associated with dining, cooking, household goods, home decor, gifts, jewelry, accessories, and furnishing accessories.

Ambiente puts the spotlight on the various trends that are shaping the consumer goods industry. With 2018, the biggest shift in trend is the increase in demand for eco-friendly products as consumers are eco-conscious and leaning towards sustainable products.

This pushed Ambiente to identify eco-friendly exhibitors and award them with the Ethical Style Label. All applicable exhibitors were encouraged to apply for the Ethical Style label, but they go through a strenuous approval process with a panel of judges.

Fab Habitat CEO, Mr. Suchin Gupta, is excited about the Ethical Style Label. He is hoping to have a great event with all the extra exposure the label is about to bring to his brand.

Ambiente 2018 is taking place in Frankfurt between the dates of Feb. 9-13. Fab Habitat and other eco-friendly manufacturers will be in great demand this season.

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