New Solutions Help Reduce Landscape Damage Caused by Deer and Other Wildlife

Deer and other wildlife can be a welcome surprise on a homeowner's property. But wildlife can also be destructive to a landscape. reveals new ways to control the damage that deer and rabbits can cause to plants.

Deer eating garden flowers

​​​​​Deer and other wildlife can be a welcome surprise to a homeowner's property, providing a reminder that many beautiful creatures live in the great outdoors. But wildlife can also be a destructive nuisance when wild animals damage carefully cultivated plants and landscapes. That’s when deer control becomes important.

Even in suburban and some urban areas, deer control can be an ongoing challenge. What can be done when Mother Nature’s gentle creatures start treating a yard like it’s a salad bar? What steps can be taken to control wildlife and protect landscape plants-- without harming the creatures of the wild?

"Many homeowners wage an ongoing battle to prevent deer and rabbits from eating their prized landscape plants. Fortunately, there are new ways to make yard and garden plants unpalatable to wildlife."

Randall Schultz, Content Editor

The editors at have examined a new generation of deer control repellents to see what's new in wildlife control. The deer control solutions described below use three different approaches to keep hungry deer from munching on landscape and garden plants.

Systemic Repellent Keeps Deer and Rabbits Away from Plants

It can be quite annoying when deer and rabbits treat a landscape as if it’s a giant salad bar. Fortunately, there is a solution that’s made from natural ingredients and does not harm animals or the environment.

Repellex® Systemic Granular changes the way homeowners can protect plants from browsing deer and rabbits. The patented formula delivers a hot pepper concentrate through plant roots at the molecular level, making the plants unpalatable to animals. Because the active compound is protected inside the plant cells, it doesn’t wash off in the rain or degrade in sunlight. Efficacy is greatly improved because the long-lasting compound maintains its potency and is evenly distributed throughout the plant.

Perhaps the best part is there’s no need for messy mixes and stinky sprays. Just rake the granular product in the soil around the plants to be protected. The repellent compound dissolves during watering and enters through the roots, spreading gradually throughout the plant. The natural pepper extract is distributed evenly throughout the plant, so that all parts remain protected. Depending on the health and size of the plant, this could take as little as a week or as long as a month. (A foliar spray may be used during this period for plant protection.)

​Repellex® Systemic Granular is not intended to be used on edible plants, and the product is not available to consumers in California. A 3-pound container of Repellex® Systemic Granular sells for $24.99 at local home centers, garden center stores and online at  

 An Eco-Friendly Way to Repel Deer

Another type of deer repellent uses Mother Nature to keep hungry deer and rabbits from eating prized landscape and garden plants. EverGuard Deer and Rabbit Repellent uses a blend of thyme, clove, cinnamon and garlic oils to act as an effective smell and taste deterrent that keeps wildlife from munching on the plants in a yard or landscape. The odor isn’t offensive to people, but deer hate it.

​Everguard will not burn plant growth, and it is safe to use on any leaf, bud or flower. Just cover plants with the ready-to-use spray. Everguard Deer and Rabbit Repellent is resistant to rain and snow, and it lasts up to 8 weeks in the winter and 5 weeks during the summer. A concentrate is also available, which mixes easily with water and can be stored in a sprayer without the worry of clogged nozzles or the product going bad. This formulation has been proven effective by professional landscapers in years of testing.

A 32-ounce ready-to-use spray bottle sells for $14.99 and a 32-ounce bottle of concentrate sells for $35.99. Available at Aubuchon Hardware and select Ace and True Value Hardware stores. Available online at and  

Use the Scent of a Predator to Repel Deer

Summit® Deer BanTM repellent capsules keep deer from eating flowers and other landscape plants by tricking deer into thinking that a predator is nearby. Each Deer BanTM capsule contains predator urine that triggers a deer’s animal flight response.

Deer BanTM uses a unique gel-tablet application to provide 100% effective, year-round protection from wildlife damage. Just set out the capsules on the ground every 5 to 10 feet around the plants to be protected. Then water the capsules to release the active ingredient for up to 90 days of protection. When activated by water, the polymer gel releases the scent of predator urine, which keeps deer away. Deer BanTM is odorless to humans, and the capsule delivery method keeps hands from ever touching the active ingredient. There’s no messy spraying, and no mixing or measuring.

Unlike many deer repellents that wash away and become inef­fective after rain, water actually enhances the effectiveness of Deer BanTM. (The polymer gel actually needs to absorb water to release the odor of the active ingredient.) The biodegradable Deer BanTM will continue to be reactivated by rain or watering for up to three months.

Summit® Deer BanTM is available in packages of 20, 50 and 150 capsules at fine hardware stores, garden centers and online at


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