New SAP PRESS Book Addresses Questions for SAP C/4HANA Customers

SAP C/4HANA: An Introduction

SAP PRESS today published the first introductory book on the SAP C/4HANA suite of customer relationship management products. SAP C/4HANA: An Introduction will function as a single source of information for those looking into SAP’s new foray into the customer experience.

The book was written by a team of four SAP experts—ASAR America’s Sanjeev K. Singh; Drew Messinger-Michaels, responsible for SAP Commerce Cloud; Sven Feurer, responsible for SAP C/4HANA development; and Dr. Thomas Vetter, head of development for the SAP C/4HANA suite. Together, the four authors wrote the book to address questions that potential SAP C/4HANA customers might have, as well as provide a full-length resource that explains what customer experience is and how it can be provided by SAP.

“SAP re-branded Hybris as SAP C/4HANA and added new solutions to the SAP C/4HANA suite with recent acquisitions like CallidusCloud and Coresystems,” Singh said. “Readers will get a complete picture of the solution landscape. It will help them in creating a roadmap and deployment plan for individual SAP C/4HANA components.”

“This book is written for all CX enthusiasts who want to transform their organizations to become true leaders in customer-centricity,” Feurer added. “It helps you to understand all different aspects of SAP’s Customer Experience solutions and the value of an integrated, intelligent SAP C/4HANA suite connected to the digital core of your enterprise.”

Readers can expect a full overview to the solution and its five pillars: marketing, commerce, sales, service, and customer data. The book includes information on pillar functionality, selecting the necessary pillars for a business’ unique needs, and integrating with existing products. This book joins two other pillar-specific SAP C/4HANA titles from SAP PRESS, but is the first that ties together all five.

“Any consultant working a project that uses some or all of the SAP C/4HANA suite will, at some point or other, need to explain the big picture,” Messinger-Michaels said. “What are the pillars that make up the suite? How do they fit together? Which should be the top priority for a given customer at a given time? With this book, we’ve tried to equip you to answer those questions in detail—and just as importantly, to ask the right clarifying questions of customers themselves—in order to offer better guidance and build better solutions.”

The book also includes sections on:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory
  • Intelligent enterprises and technologies
  • Implementation planning

Further, the book “explains how intelligence technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, analytics, and the Internet of Things are applied in SAP C/4HANA to analyze data, detect patterns, predict outcomes, and suggest actions,” Dr. Vetter said. “The book introduces different options on how to implement SAP C/4HANA using best practices and target architecture which best fits to your business needs.”

The book is available in print, electronic, and bundled editions and can be purchased via the SAP PRESS website and


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