New Research Highlights Importance of the Right Elderly Care

New research suggests that residential care homes are not the right choice for most elderly people

Major new research has revealed that elderly people experience 30% fewer falls and half as many hip fractures living at home with a professional carer compared to living in a care home. It highlights the importance of making a well-informed decision about elderly care and not assuming a care home is the best, or only, choice. The Live-in Care Hub, a non-profit organisation, commissioned the new research in partnership with the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent, a leading social care research group.

Their aim is to raise the quality of elderly care across the UK and the "Better At Home 2019" research examines all full-time care options for older people. It looks at advantages and disadvantages, what factors influence care choices, and average costs.

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, commented: "This new research highlights that professional care at home results in significantly better health and well-being for elderly people compared to care homes. It challenges the traditional view that residential care homes are the only answer for older people unable to care for themselves.

"The report also reveals that live-in care is an affordable alternative suitable for most care needs, including dementia, and in particular for couples. It provides overwhelming evidence that professional live-in care in their own home provides a much superior quality of life for people than moving to a residential care home.

"When making the important and potentially life-changing decision about elderly care, it’s clear there are better options than care homes."

The full report can be viewed at

Source: The Live-in Care Hub


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