Digital Marketing Helps Innovative Online Finance Broker Make a Nationwide Impact

Solution Loans credits digital marketing with their rapid growth as a leading online finance broker

A Surrey-based company has developed a reputation as one of the country's leading online finance brokers thanks to innovative digital marketing techniques. Solution Loans recognised that developing a strong online presence and building trust was fundamental to their success. To this end, they embarked on a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that has seen them engage with nearly 500,000 people per year, of whom over 20% become customers.

Digital marketing is aimed at achieving listings on the first page of the search engine results in Google, and also at developing a solid online presence via social media and content marketing. Solution Loans was determined from the outset to achieve top search engine rankings by entirely ethical methods that would reflect the ethos of their growing reputation as a trusted loan provider.

Digital marketing is a key factor in the success of every website, whether it's commercial, educational, or informational. It includes the production of high-quality content, whether that is text, video or audio, which enables a website to provide dependable information that builds trust amongst visitors and helps their decision-making process.

Using these techniques has helped the Solution Loans website evolve into an authoritative source of information in the alternative lending field, which includes guarantor loans, and this has benefited the company's image and enabled them to achieve nationwide success online.

David Silverman, Director of parent company Affiniti Digital Media Ltd, commented: "When we first established the Solution Loans brand, we recognised that we could achieve far more using digital marketing techniques than via traditional marketing methods. This is more important than ever, given our increasingly internet-focused world. As a brand offering a broad range of finance solutions it was vital that we developed a strong level of trust with our potential customers, and digital marketing gave us the tools to do that. I enthusiastically follow the fast-changing personal finance trends and am constantly striving for ways to engage and inform our website users. Digital techniques allow us to communicate effectively and precisely with our most relevant audiences."


Source: Solution Loans


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