New RealMe™ Integration on Mingle2 Dating App Creates a Safer Space for Singles to Connect Online

39 Million Singles on Mingle2 Can Now Check Background Information and Reputation Details of Their Prospective Matches


Mingle2, a free online dating platform, will now empower its 39 million members with the ability to check the identities and background information of all matched members with its new integration of RealMe™. Dedicated to cultivating safety and trust in online dating, RealMe provides one-click access to its extensive database of more than 275 million Reputation Profiles, which include important background information, such as criminal and court records, sex offender status, marital status, lawsuits, and personal reviews.

There has been a reported 32% increase in harassment and/or harm to dating app users in the last 12 months, according to a recent survey conducted by RealMe and Global Dating Insights. RealMe's integration allows online dating platforms like Mingle2 to validate and verify user profiles to ensure safer, more secure interactions online. Additionally, members are able to easily click through to a person's Reputation Profile, where they may gain greater visibility into important background information.

"With more than 600,000 new members every month, Mingle2 is home to millions of singles searching for a connection. With that comes a huge responsibility to keep our members safe and integrating RealMe into our platform is an incredibly straightforward and simple way of doing so," says Jean Liang, CEO of Mingle2.

To offer Mingle2 users more transparency with potential matches, the dating app is offering a $1 trial that grants full access to other members' background information and reputation details. The RealMe integration is currently live on the Mingle2 website and will go live on iOS and Android next week.

"By investing in its members' safety, Mingle2 offers singles a level of integrity and trust that has long been missing from the online dating space," says Jeff Tinsley, founder and CEO of RealMe. "In our most recent survey, more than 63% of dating app insiders surveyed believe the risk of scams and fraud in online dating is increasing, and more than half of them admitted they could be doing more to protect their users from scammers and catfishing. That 'something' is RealMe. RealMe was designed to improve trust, transparency, and safety online by ensuring the people you date are indeed who they claim to be."

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RealMe is an online reputation platform dedicated to cultivating safety and trust online. Building a new era of trust and transparency across the U.S. internet. RealMe's integration empowers users with trustworthy reputation and background information, profile verification through instant access to more than 275 million verified Reputation Profiles. RealMe's platform uses public records to source background information that can include criminal, financial and legal records, sex offender status, personal reviews and more to make online interactions and transactions safer, while empowering consumers to manage their own online reputation. For more information, please visit

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Mingle2 provides a free online dating community on web, Android and iOS. There are over 30 million members and translated to 22 languages across the apps. Mingle2's mission is to help people build meaningful connections, whether it's for love, marriage or friendship. For more information, please visit

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