New Podcast Explores the Past, Present, and Future of Male Contraception

Intended - a new podcast from Male Contraceptive Initiative

​​Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI), US-based non-profit, announced the release of its first podcast. Titled “Intended”, this multi-episode series explores the past, present, and future of male contraception. The first episodes of the series release on June 10 to coincide with the start of Men’s Health Week.

Named for the fact that nearly 50% of pregnancies globally are still unintended, the series investigates why, after more than a half-century of research, the only available methods of male contraception remain condoms and vasectomies. “Intended” features interviews with over 50 individuals representing the research community, funders, advocates, critics, and the general public.

“Male contraception is an incredibly interesting subject to explore, and we felt doing so via a podcast was the perfect way to engage with people to share the stories of successes and failures,” said MCI’s Marketing and Communications Director Kevin Shane. “Currently, there is not a lot of information readily available on the subject, and what gets reported can be inaccurate or just incorrect outright,” he added. “Bringing the voices of individuals keenly interested in male contraception directly to the general public allows us to bridge that gap and better frame the conversation around new male methods.”

Director of Operations and Programs, Dr. Logan Nickels added, “Interest in male contraception is growing, and there is a demand for new male methods. Taking the lead in educating the public about this critical work is a key mandate for us, and ‘Intended’ is a perfect example of that.”

With over $3 million invested in male contraceptive product development, MCI seeks to push male contraceptive research projects towards market. There is a breadth of male contraception research, and funds granted in the drug development pipeline, from early stage screening of drugs up to studies that pave the way for early clinical trials. The organization’s mission is to facilitate research and development of male contraceptives for people around the world, and to build awareness among researchers, donors, and the general public about the demand for and status of novel male contraceptive methods.

Through its funding efforts, the non-profit has championed this mission in manifold ways: investing in promising product development through this and other rounds of funding, supporting students and young professionals through fellowships and travel grants, and consistently advocating with the public and media for an increased method mix that includes male contraception.

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About Male Contraceptive Initiative: Male Contraceptive Initiative works to bring new male contraceptives to market. We accomplish this through direct funding, technical support, research, and advocacy. We believe that couples deserve more contraceptive options and that we offer the biggest potential impact for them by focusing on male contraceptives. It’s time men are given more opportunities to contribute toward family planning. Learn more at​

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About Male Contraceptive Initiative

MCI's mission is to facilitate research & development of male contraceptives for people around the world and to build awareness among researchers, donors and the general public about the demand for and status of novel male contraceptive methods.

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