New Plōtagraph+ App Takes Number 1 Spot

Plōtagraph at Number One

On Wednesday, Plōtagraph+ shot to number one in the iOS App Store for Photo and Video and number two for overall applications. This was the first time the newcomer app has reached the number one spot, overtaking several long time app giants.

Plōtagraph+'s rise in the chart is due to its innovative and addictive photo animation ability. The app allows anyone to easily add motion to any still photo, without the need for a movie or multiple images.

We are beyond excited that our customers have made Plōtagraph+ number one in the App Store. We are living proof that a small group of people who are truly passionate about their work, can accomplish amazing things.

Troy Plota, CEO

The app works by simply selecting the "Animation" tool and dragging your finger on the part of the image you want to add motion to. A mask or anchor can be applied to prevent certain sections of the image from moving. The "Plōtagraphs" can be easily shared to social media sites and deliver huge increases in social engagement.

The Plōtagraph+ iOS application pairs well with, a social site dedicated to looping content, hosted by the same developer. On Plō, anyone can host their own photo gallery of dynamic looping content, videos, or photos. The site also allows users to gain access to the big brother version of the Plōtagraph software for Mac or PC, which includes extra features for power users.

The Plōtagraph+ iOS App is available in the App Store for $4.99, a 50% limited time discount. The sale will not last long; visit the app store to download Plotagraph+ now:

To learn more about Plōtagraph, visit them on Instagram @plotagraphpro, on Facebook at or on the web at

Contact: Nadja
Phone: 212-564-4264 X2

Source: Plotagraph Inc.

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Plōtagraph is a company dedicated to the creation and curation of looping content. Our applications are available for iOS, Mac and PC and allow anyone to add motion to any photo, without the need for video or multiple images.

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