New Opportunities for Joining the TSplus Reseller Program in North America

After a decade of solely using third-party distributors in the U.S. and Canada, TSplus Corp was founded in Irvine, CA in 2020. It has been expanding its market to thousands of businesses in North America. The Remote Desktop software developer recently started a new campaign to enlarge its reseller network and support the development of this territory.

TSplus Reseller Programme Recruits

A Market Expansion Based on Local Partnerships 

Every expansion requires dedicated staff with local market knowledge. TSplus knows that and has staffed the U.S. business arm with local resources dedicated to local sales, support, and regional accessibility. 

Today TSplus is calling again for new members to join its ranks and take a part in this booming market by becoming the providers of a simple, robust, affordable, and feature-rich solution to web-enable business applications. 

The company is looking for quality MSPs, IT service providers and software vendors to participate in the great Partners Program, one of the best in the industry:  

  • Generous commission rates 
  • A growing portfolio of internally developed Remote Desktop and Cybersecurity software 
  • U.S.-based Technical Support 
  • Marketing Materials & Tools for a quick start with low investments 
  • Preview and Beta-Testing of New Releases  
  • Proven healthy market growth 

A Chance to Become a Successful Member of TSplus Reseller Program 

North American SMBs looking for a remote desktop and application delivery solution will be attracted by TSplus Remote Access software for the following reasons: 

  • Citrix and Microsoft RDS are prohibitively expensive.  
  • They want a user-friendly and simple software 
  • They require a scalable solution 

TSplus Remote Access can create cost savings of up to 80% compared to alternatives, with permanent licenses and available continuous support and software upgrades. 

Interested in becoming a TSplus official reseller in the U.S. or Canada? Contact TSplus Corp today at or the North America Director Jay Hosseinian at

To request a demo, follow the link:  

Or Download and Try any TSplus Product Free for 15 days

Source: TSplus Corp

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