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​​​​​​The top-rated New Mexico Criminal Law Offices, LLC, is very proud of its reputation for providing highly successful criminal defense representation to countless clients in New Mexico. We are dedicated to pursuing justice and protecting the rights of citizens across the state. We consider it our responsibility and privilege to keep our community informed of important law changes, as well as changes in methods used by law enforcement across the state that will affect our day-to-day lives.

One of those important changes concerns the possible re-implementation of speed cameras on roadways across the Santa Fe area. Five years ago, the City of Santa Fe made the decision to discontinue the use of speed cameras, which were disliked by many residents who opposed being watched and monitored by camera devices. The city has recently begun to reconsider its position, however. According to city officials, ongoing problems with reckless driving on various roadways across the city, as well as an increase in injury-causing accidents, are the reasons for renewed consideration of the camera devices.

The city has indicated that, if the cameras were to be used again, they would only be used on streets run by the city and not on state highways. School zones, senior centers, parks, and other heavily-trafficked areas are the locations where speed cameras will likely be placed. The city has also advised that, if the cameras are reintroduced, all drivers will receive a grace period to adjust to their usage, during which time warnings instead of tickets with fines will be issued. After that time, tickets will be issued indicating the accompanying fees to be paid.

Any tickets issued as a result of the speed camera monitoring would be civil, and therefore would not be cause for points to be taken from drivers’ licenses or insurance. Nevertheless, New Mexico Criminal Law Firm advises residents of these areas to be aware of the potential re-installation of these cameras and to drive cautiously in those areas to avoid unnecessary and avoidable fines.

Perhaps, like many people, you have found yourself faced with a speeding ticket or two in the past. Or, perhaps, you have found yourself facing more serious charges. At New Mexico Criminal Law Offices, we consider it an honor and a privilege to defend citizens across the state of New Mexico in all types of criminal matters. We have the extensive knowledge of the law necessary to pursue the best, most effective defense strategies, and years of experience in countless cases putting that knowledge to work to achieve justice and protect our clients’ rights. We would love to do the same for you. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and to learn how we might be able to help fight for justice on your behalf, too. Call us today.

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