New Major Release of Wallpaper Updater from ElanGroup - 2.0

Wallpaper Updater 2.0 - new major release of free wallpaper changer program from ElanGroup - is already available.

ElanGroup releases new version of Wallpaper Updater - 2.0. Wallpaper Updater is a software program whose main job is to change wallpapers automatically. All what you need to do is to configure settings once. There is a group of simple settings and a group of more complex settings (for advanced users). Wallpaper Updater allows to change wallpaper each day, week or month using given location. It manages black list of images if necessary and it is able to make images fit the screen. It runs after startup and it is not taking CPU resources when you are working. The program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

With new version of Wallpaper Updater you can use images from your Picasa web albums as well as wallpapers stored locally. You can even use both sources: if Picasa is temporary unavailable, the image from local folder will be set as wallpaper. All settings like Random/Consecutive mode or fitting screen size are available for Picasa images, too.

Other enhancements in the new version: black list window has much more power now (you can browse your black list images by double click), critical bug on Windows XP was fixed, correct processing of bad internet connection was added.

About ElanGroup

ElanGroup, software development company, founded in 2007, produce freeware and shareware programs for personal and business use. We also develop custom web-based and desktop applications for our customers.

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Wallpaper Updater is a freeware desktop wallpapers program. You can download it anytime from our site for free. No registration is necessary.