ElanGroup Releases Disc Collection 2.4

ElanGroup, company developing freeware and shareware programs, releases new version of their multimedia collection manager for home users - Disc Collection 2.4.

ElanGroup releases new version of their product - Disc Collection 2.4. Disc Collection is an easy-to-use home multimedia collection manager from ElanGroup. Powerful search and possibility to organize all your discs, files and folders will help you to manage large CD/DVD /Blu-ray collection. The program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Disc Collection supports English, Russian and Hungarian languages.

Disc Collection is an intuitive software solution that will offer you the possibility to easily manage multimedia collections. With the help of Disc Collection you can browse the contents your collections, create notes, view file properties, and so on. You can also fully customize the Disc Collection interface.

With Disc Collection you can add your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray games and movies to different groups, while simultaneously storing information about each disc. Disc Collection is easily configurable. You may add or delete categories, and choose to set different options, such as auto-saving changes.

With Disc Collection, searching for a game or movie within your home is trivial. Multiple search options are available, including: Basic (based on file size or date), or Advanced (based on file format).

Disc Collection supports many video formats (.mpeg, .mkv, .wmv, .avi) and audio formats (.mp3, .ape, .flac), can extract information from these formats and save it.

New features in Disc Collection 2.4 include: search by custom descriptions; better extracting of information from JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF files; optimization of auto updates process; minor user interface enhancements. Number of new features and bug fixes will make your work with Disc Collection easier and more pleasant.

About ElanGroup

ElanGroup, software development company, founded in 2007, produces freeware and shareware programs for personal and business use. We also develop custom web-based and desktop applications for our customers. Also we provide software development outsourcing service for our customers.

For additional information on the news please visit http://www.elangroup-software.com.

Evaluation version available upon request.

Disc Collection 2.4 costs $24.99 for one computer license.

Contact Information

Anna Novikova
ElanGroup Ltd.
32 A Ivanovskogo Street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344012