New Lunch & Learn Series From AthenaOnline Delivers Bite-Sized Knowledge

Organization-wide service offers curated, expert-based microlearning for under $500

AthenaOnline Lunch and Learn

Jon Peters, founder of AthenaOnline today announced a new monthly microlearning service that allows the entire employee population in an organization to receive access to curated microlearning lessons for only $475.

“We see a tremendous amount of interest in microlearning, but realized that many organizations had still not implemented it as a solution” said Athena’s founder, Jon Peters. “We wanted to create a way that these organizations could pilot video-based microlearning with as little risk as possible to see the benefits it offers their busy workforce.”

The program series is called Athena Lunch & Learn. On the first of each month for twelve months Athena delivers 8 to 10 curated, bite-sized video lessons that reinforce a particular skills-building topic from business authors and experts like Marshall Goldsmith, Beverley Kay and others. The Lunch & Learn pages are branded for the customer organization and provide an administrative dashboard to track usage. The page content changes on the first of every month to the next topic in the series. A 2017 Kaltura survey of almost 650 enterprise professionals showed that 98 percent of the respondents felt that video trains people better and faster than alternatives. Athena’s video lessons include bullets, closed-captioning and transcripts to further support learning.

Research has shown that employees devote only 1% of their work week to their own development, which is one of the reasons Athena developed the first microlearning platform, called MyQuickCoach in 1999. This is even more true today with millennial workers who prefer learning in shorter, bite-sized segments through mobile or desktop applications.

“We wanted something impactful, but also fast and easy, that people could complete during their lunch break. By keeping it under $500 per month for an entire organization, allowing them to pay monthly and stop whenever they like there is very little downside, with a huge potential upside” adds Jon Peters. “Should the organization decide to build on the Lunch & Learn series we can help with custom-curated, SCORM compliant solutions.”


ABOUT THE COMPANY: ( originated enterprise microlearning in 1999 with the release of the expert-driven MyQuickCoach platform. Athena has created over 2,700 micro-learning, video-based programs that are available through their portal system or through SCORM compliant content licensing.

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View Website originated enterprise microlearning in 1999 with the release of its expert-driven MyQuickCoach platform. Athena has created over 2,700 bite-sized learning lessons that are available through their portal or as a content license.

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