New Jetway NF9G QM77-based Industrial PCs from Logic Supply Offer High-Performance, Energy Efficiency, and I/O Flexibility

Logic Supply, a leading provider of industrial PCs, announced a range of embedded systems powered by Jetway Computer Company's new NF9G-QM77 Core i Ivy Bridge Mini-ITX Motherboard.

Logic Supply, a leading provider of industrial PCs, announced a range of embedded systems powered by Jetway Computer Company's new NF9G-QM77 Core i Ivy Bridge Mini-ITX Motherboard.

Patrick Barry, Jetway's Business Development Manager, said, "Logic Supply's new NF9G-powered line of small, rugged computers offer high-performance, energy efficiency, and I/O flexibility."

He continued, "Logic Supply has consistently shown the ability to incorporate the latest Jetway Mini-ITX products into its extensive line of chassis and systems to create complete solutions. For volume projects requiring specific configurations and prototype-through-mass-production support, Logic Supply has emerged as one of our premiere partners."

The NF9G-QM77, released in the US in October, supports Intel Coreā„¢ i3/i5/i7 Mobile Processors. This is a powerful, energy efficient embedded board and is ideal for demanding multimedia applications where high-performance onboard graphics and high-speed data transfer are a must.

JP Ishaq, Product Manager for Logic Supply, highlighted the motherboard's I/O flexibility: "The default I/O offers HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA, as well as COM, dual Intel gigabit LAN, and four USB ports." He continued, "In terms of expansion, it offers a full PCIe x16 slot, dual PCIe Mini Card slots (one half-size and one full-size which doubles as mSATA), and integration with Jetway's new 2nd generation of expansion daughterboards, which now uses the faster PCI Express bus (x4)."

These daughterboards can add up to four additional LAN ports, four serial ports, or even an option for a low-power, discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT610M GPU to supplement the onboard graphics.

Logic Supply now offers the NF9G-QM77 in three of its flagship, preconfigured mini-ITX PCs:

-Durable, small, and discrete
-190 x 62 x 196 mm

-Offers two HDDs, PCIe expansion and wireless connectivity
-196 x 219 x 83 mm


-Rackmount, mounting for up to six 2.5" hard or solid state drives
-Ideal for RAID and server applications

The board can also be paired with a wide-input power supply, making it a solid automotive and/or industrial system.

About Logic Supply
Logic Supply is a specialized systems provider serving the embedded and industrial computing market. With locations in the USA, Europe, and Asia, Logic Supply provides pre-configured small form factor systems, the most comprehensive selection of compatible components, and unique computer hardware. Logic Supply offers turnkey assembly for OEM customers and custom OS development for Windows Embedded Standard and Linux platforms. Through LGX Systems, the company offers custom engineering services and develops innovative, rugged hardware products. Visit the Logic Supply EU website at

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Jetway Computer Corporation is one of the leading motherboard and IT product manufacturers in the world with over 20 years of OEM design and manufacturing experience. In addition to delivering reliable quality products, Jetway continuously works with its partners to deliver extraordinary computing technology for today and beyond. For more information, visit

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