'Embedded Off The Shelf' Pioneer Logic Supply Launches LGX Systems, Demonstrates New Approach To Engineering With StreamOn

Logic Supply, the company that ten years ago helped launch the Mini-ITX and embedded off the shelf revolution in the US, has spun out its custom engineering and product development arm as LGX Systems (www.lgxsystems.com).

"Logic Supply has been building up its product design and engineering team in response to customer demand," said Roland Groeneveld, Logic Supply's CEO. "We saw an opportunity to do custom hardware engineering differently, in a way that leverages pre-existing, modular products to get customers exactly what they need, quickly and cost-efficiently."

LGX offers custom hardware engineering for volume project customers, focusing on total system solutions. Rodney Hill, who heads up the engineering team at LGX, said, "We take existing off-the-shelf products and using our design services we can get our clients the features and price-points they require, on-time and on-budget."

LGX recently demonstrated its approach to engineering with customer StreamOn (www.streamon.fm). StreamOn offers highly-reliable streaming solutions to the broadcasting industry, enabling radio stations to enter the digital age.

StreamOn's systems were going End of Life (EOL) and replacement costs went up significantly. Their goal was to have a branded product that kept as close to their original cost as possible and offered a quick turn-around time with a seamless delivery process.

With StreamOn, LGX was able to customize an off the shelf solution that met their budget, branding and specialized appliance requirements and was able to blind ship to StreamOn's customers creating a seamless process from production to delivery.
"We needed a full solution that came close to our original cost, with specific branding and product requirements, all with a quick turn-around time." said Andrew Snook of StreamOn. "LGX was able to leverage their worldwide supply chain to keep costs down and give us a fully branded product that met all our needs," he said.

LGX and Logic Supply work with businesses small and large to find the best-in-class solutions for the embedded and industrial computing industry. For more information on custom off the shelf solutions, visit www.lgxsystems.com.


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