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"Muerte O Gloria: The Rise of the American Soccer Fan" will premiere on July 24, 2015 during Major League Soccer All Star Week in Denver, Colorado. The film will premiere on "Movie Night," presented by MLS and the "Kicking and Screening Film Festival" in Denver's famed Skyline Park.

"Muerte O Gloria: The Rise of the American Soccer Fan" is a documentary film about the Barra Brava, the fan supporter group for the DC United Soccer Club from Washington DC. The Barra Brava was the first supporters group of its kind in Major League Soccer. Filmed in association with Major League Soccer, "Muerte O Gloria" documents the synergistic relationship developed between the Barra Brava and DC United's Founder and General Manager Kevin Payne. This was a relationship that helped pave the way for the success of Major League Soccer in North America. 

Acclaimed film Director Mark Yancey draws audiences into the perspective of soccer fan supporters and the role they have played in the success of the team and, indeed, the entire league. 

"The Barra Brava set the right tone for soccer fans and supporters in this country."

Ben Olsen, Soccer Legend, Head Coach DC United

"Muerte O Gloria" features interviews with DC United Coach and Major League Soccer legend Ben Olsen, former General Manager and President Kevin Payne, Sportscaster Dave Johnson and features players Chris Pontius, Bobby Boswell, Perry Kitchen and Bill Hamid. At the film's core are the founders and members of the Barra Brava: Oscar Zambrana, Jay Igiel, Pauly Planzer.  These pioneering members share remarkable stories about the team and their fellow supporters, and exemplify the character of the most influential fan supporters group in US Soccer history.

Resulting Impact Film Productions is the production company behind the documentary. "Muerte O Gloria" is the first feature film to be produced through this innovative new company.

The trailer and more information on the film is available at:

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"Muerte O Gloria: The Rise of the American Soccer Fan"

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