New Horizon Promotions Instills a Customer Service Mindset

The leadership at New Horizon Promotions is training associates to understand the importance of quality customer service. The firm's director shared customer service trends that will guide development initiatives.

“Customers make up the lifeblood of every business, yet customer service doesn’t get the attention it deserves,” stated Kerlande, New Horizon Promotions’ director of operations. “To ensure our associates have customer service mindsets, I make customer experience a focal point in our training program.”                            

New Horizon Promotions’ managers invest heavily in said development system. They provide access to a wide variety of educational opportunities, including weekend seminars where industry leaders share best practices. More importantly, the firm’s managers link new associates to seasoned marketers, creating one-on-one learning opportunities to ensure that the importance of topics like customer service is clearly understood.

"To ensure our associates have customer service mindsets, I make customer experience a focal point in our training program."

Kerlande , Director of Operations

New Horizon Promotions’ Director Discusses Trends That Drive Customer Service Training

“To tell someone that he or she needs a customer service mindset is sort of vague, in my opinion,” Kerlande explained. “I like to be specific about what I think it means to provide quality customer service, to make sure our team is properly trained. For that, I rely on data describing the latest consumer and business trends.”

For example, Kerlande points to a study which found that over 50% of people say they would prefer text messaging to other forms of customer service contact. Also, more than half of the people surveyed between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer to communicate digitally (through social media, Web chat, e-mail, etc.) instead of live via phone. This makes it important for New Horizon Promotions personnel to develop comfort levels connecting across multiple channels, which in turn prompts the director to educate her team on the use of proper tools.

Specific consumer support tactics are also dictated by research. Recent studies show that the amount of time it takes to hear back from a company’s customer service representative is just as important as how the rep responds. Four hours or less is the desired timeframe for e-mail replies, and social media users want news within 60 minutes. “Information like that is vital for quality customer service,” Kerlande concluded. “Proper training in any area needs to include information about how best to do things, not just an insistence that they get done. I think that’s part of what makes our development process so great – we make sure to provide our people with all the tools they need for success.”

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