New Fantasy Thriller, Riddle of Regicide, Hits Shelves

Riddle of Regicide, the new fantasy thriller by Ryan Hauge, was released on Friday November 21, 2014. Riddle of Regicide was published by BrickWarriors Publishing.

Riddle of Regicide, the new fantasy thriller by Ryan Hauge of BrickWarriors Publishing, is now available on Amazon.  Exciting, funny, and clever, this novel has twists and turns that will have you guessing until the very last line.   The special launch price for the eBook is $2.99 on Amazon.   Hardback copies are also available on Amazon, on sale for $28.49 (regular price $29.99).


"Exciting, funny, and clever. Definitely check it out!"

Amanda, Taylor

Draxin Stormgarde awakens in the Thieves Guild with no memory of his past, no memory of his family. After being forced into training with Yortaz the evil jester, Draxin learns that the Thieves Guild is plotting to assassinate the king. And he's the person they expect to do it.

During a raid gone awry, Draxin escapes and meets Ravelin, a mysterious royal agent tasked with protecting the king. Together, they race against time to stop the Thieves Guild before the king arrives in town for the annual Elk Day Festival.

Throughout his quest to save the king and unearth the demons of his past, Draxin must outwit a menagerie of fearsome beasts and sinister villains to keep from literally losing his head.

Will Draxin solve the riddle of regicide in time to save the king, or will Yortaz and the poisonous Thieves Guild prevail?


About Ryan Hauge

Ryan Hauge is an author and toymaker from Wilmington, DE.  For more information about Ryan Hauge, Riddle of Regicide, or BrickWarriors Publishing, please visit BrickWarriors Publishing's website.