New Comic Book Series Released - Environmentalist in Action

Alternative Energy Man is a new comic book series that follows an environmentalist's journey to change the world.

The Alternative Energy Man series has hit shelves!  Alternative Energy Man is an environmentalist taking to the streets to save the world!  Issue 1: Don't Call Me Alternative Energy Guy and Issue 2: Alternative Energy Man Vs. The Dumper, by Evan W. Taylor, have been published by BrickWarriors Publishing.  They are both now available for free on BrickWarriors' website.  Action packed, this comic book series will surely sweep you off your feet.  Three more installments will come out later this year.  Begin following Alternative Energy Man on his world changing journey.

About Evan W. Taylor

"Alternative Energy Man will have you caring about the environment and laughing at the same time. He's teaching us the be better."

Amanda Taylor, CMO of BrickWarriors

Evan W. Taylor, renowned author of the Alternative Energy Man series, has entered the world of Lego. Evan grew up loving comic books, shows, movies, and graphic novels. He's gone from playing Batman and Robin in the backyard to writing and drawing his own comic books. For his day job, Evan is part of a dog daycare team that takes care of dogs while their owners are away. In his free time, he is a standup comedian, very popular in the local scene, and writes his amazing comic books. Everyone who knows Evan never has a conversation with him without laughing; and reading his comic books is no different! So make sure to follow the exciting adventures of the 22nd Century Men Force Team and Alternative Energy Man!  For more information about Evan, his comic books, or BrickWarriors Publishing, please visit BrickWarriors' website.