'New Driver Sign": Alerts Other Drivers That There is a Person Learning to Drive on the Road

​The New Driver Sign is a specially designed, yellow and black colored placard, issued by the DMV. It will be displayed for a year on the right hand side of the rear windshield, by a person who has just received their permit or license. It is designed to be a highly visible means of notifying other motorists that you are a new driver and encourages patience from them. The New Driver Sign will have the date of receiving the license/permit and the date of expiration. It will also have a specific number listed on it, and cannot be transferred to any other driver. Some of the monikers for the new sign could be, Slow Down, New Driver, I am a Newly Licensed Driver, just to name a few, but will not be limited to those. As stated, it must be displayed in a vehicle rear windshield, facing outward, where it is visible to any car approaching from behind.

The New Driver Sign will make it easier for other drivers around by being a highly visible beacon, and will inspire them to exercise a little more caution when approaching the new driver. The sign will make it easier for law enforcement to monitor the newly licensed driver, and will be able to tell if they are complying with the rules of the road. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the New Driver Sign.

The Patent Pending New Driver Sign was invented by Ovadya Mantsur and Shimon Abutbul of North Hollywood, CA who said, “The new driver will have to drive for one year from the date of receiving their permit with the New Driver Sign on their vehicle. The sign will only be issued by a state's DMV and made mandatory for any newly permitted or licensed driver.”

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