New Digital Marketing Strategy for Magniflex USA

For Magniflex USA, 2019 is starting off to a great start and reaching a wider audience with its new Digital Marketing Strategy. The objective is to support Magniflex with digital marketing campaigns focused on creating awareness for the mattresses and driving traffic to the participating retail stores during the monthly promotions.

The strategy is to develop campaigns using search engines, social media, ad retargeting and email campaigns to engage prospects with monthly promotions and motivate the target audience to take action and educate about the Magniflex sleeping products. The media that will be used to reach the target audience is Google search, Facebook and ad retargeting. The company also plans on adding more social media sources in the future, but for now, Magniflex is focusing on the most popular digital marketing tools to realize the proposed tactics.

The overall goal is not only to reach a wider audience and have happy sleepers but to increase the brand awareness and establish a presence in the U.S. market as the premium Italian mattress brand that has been manufacturing high-quality products since 1962. The knowledge and experience gained over the years have contributed to the overall Magniflex success worldwide. The company is committed to success and always treats its customers and environment with the utmost respect.

For more information, come visit Magniflex’s showroom at 220 Elm Building, showroom 305, from April 6 – 10, at the High Point Market and you can always test Magniflex’​s products at our permanent showrooms in Las Vegas and Miami. 

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Source: Magniflex USA Ltd.

About Magniflex USA

Founded in 1962 in Prato, Italy, Magniflex combines the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing. Today Magniflex is one of the most recognized mattress brands in the world.

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