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Water Treatment

With the potential to conserve fresh water and improve corrosion levels, a shift toward closed water treatment systems has long been considered the future of the industry. The challenge to create a fully automated closed system has been embraced by pioneering company NCH, and the resulting AquaDartTM System launched recently in Australia.

Reducing the need for engineer attention, AquaDartTM makes use of fluorescent traced technology to maintain chemical residual control. Sanjesh Narayan, Technical Manager Water Treatment says, "This system enables real-time sensors to measure key parameters, determining scale, corrosion and microbiological control."

The AquaDartTM custom controls regulate blowdown and chemical feed, immediately correcting and communicating upset conditions.

As a fully automated system, the web-based monitoring and control software allows for remote supervision of the AquaDartTM system, while records are also automatically generated and accessible at any time through the web-platform.

Case studies at Chemical plants in South East Asia have confirmed that up to 141ML of water can be conserved through the implementation of AquaDartTM system, resulting in massive environmental and financial savings. With automation further reducing human error and increasing the efficiency of water treatment, the AquaDartTM system is set to become an industry standard in the near future.

Source: NCH Australia

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