NCH Concrete Repair Exceeds Expectations in Steel Industry


A major steel company in Eastern Australia has just recently expressed how impressed they are with the NCH concrete repair product Mendcon.

Mendcon, previously known as Magnapatch, is used for Concrete Repair and Patching. It is stronger than concrete but with the same bulk density and sets up in a fraction of the time as its competitors.

The coil processing plant has been using Mendcon for the past 10 years successfully. They have repaired potholes inside and outside their buildings. The potholes caused a major concern with loading product at the plant, as the load would shift on the tynes of the forklifts when driving over the potholes.

After having tried a number of different concrete repair products over the years, with no success, they continue to come back to NCH Mendcon time and time again. “The product breaks up but since using the Mendcon around 8 years ago it is still intact today”, states the factory technician.

Not only does this get the job done for the steel company, it also has proven to be a huge cost saving, as the previous repairs required a lot of preparation work, down time for curing, and high labour costs.

The plant recently carried out the same repair at its Coil plate line, where it has a high forklift operating area, and the results have been the same. Another repair carried out at the edge of broken steps where heavy steel is dragged, and it is still holding since 2010.

“We are quite impressed with the performance and will not hesitate to recommend this to any user who wishes to try the concrete repair product as we have tried many others in the past with no good results”, says the technician.

Mendcon is recommended for use in repairing and rebuilding bridges, floors, roadways and other concrete surfaces, as well as for anchoring machinery and vibrating equipment. By creating a permanent bond, the product becomes part of the structure, giving remarkable results that last for years.


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