New ADU Laws Effective 2020!

Accessory Dwelling Units which are also known as garage conversions, room additions, backyard houses, in-law units, and granny flats consist of numerous rules and regulations for residential homes and their corresponding zoning. As a result, homeowners have struggled through the process of building new ADUs in their property by failing to comply. However, these laws are expected to change in favor of homeowners which will include new zoning laws and an increase in the limit of ADUs built within your property lines. Six new bills were signed in October of 2019 which are to be effective January 1st, 2020. Next year is projected to be the start of a phenomenal year for homeowners/home investors to invest in the construction of new ADUs.

Construction Consulting Services

ADU specialists CCS Inc and its founder Danny Yamnistki explained the importance of constructing a secondary dwelling unit in your property and why 2020 is the year for ADU constructions.

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CCS Inc. is a design to build company located in the greater Los Angeles area. They focus their efforts on maximizing people’s home structures which creates extra living space, generates additional rental income, and adds for homeowners. Through the use of their in-house architectural firm and reliable construction division, this company successfully provides architectural plans, structural engineering, soil reports, survey, title 24, energy calculations, permit expediting, and construction all within the same umbrella. They are a one-stop-shop!

Danny Yamnistki stated, “ADU laws in 2020 will focus on relaxing restrictions for ADUs by being able to construct two ADUs on homeowners’ property (a regular ADU & a junior ADU). There will be no minimum lot size and ADUs will also be allowed within multifamily dwelling properties. CCS Inc is patiently waiting for these laws to become effective as this will be a turning point for new homes and a HUGE opportunity that must be taken advantage of.”

As a result, ADUs will be the number one investment in real estate by receiving a high rate of return at a lower investment cost than a regular home. Danny Yamnistki encourages homeowners and home investors to take advantage of this opportunity as the laws may possibly take a less approachable route in the following years to come.

For any free in-house consultations, contact CCS Inc. at (323) 405 8909 or visit their website at for additional information.

Source: LA CCS Inc


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