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4WD Supacentre’s constant demand for the latest technology and the greatest value products, Adventure Kings constantly strives to enhance the way Aussies can get out camping with the best value equipment on the market, packed full of useful features for unbelievable prices there is no avoiding the absolute value achievable with Adventure Kings.

To add to the success achieved by the large range of icebox coolers and the excellent value for money Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, there are many new releases within the Adventure Kings portable refrigerator range.

Starting with the Brand-New Adventure Kings 50L Fridge/Freezeryou can have unbeatable bang for buck. Fitted with the same high-efficiency SECOP (Danfoss) BD35F Compressor as the previous market dominator the 60L edition.

Offering improved energy efficiency and a 50L internal capacity, the new Adventure Kings 50L Fridge/Freezer offers even better bang for buck than most portable camping fridges on the market, making it possibly one of the best priced portable refrigerators on the market, fitted with an internal LED light, an integrated dairy section and the ability to operate off 12V, 24V & 240V and the no-fuss +10°C to -18°C temperature settings leaves many wondering what more it could have. This portable refrigerator is now the camp essential, offering no frills, but all the features Aussie campers could want!

Moving on in the brand-new range of Adventure Kings refrigerators, is the brand new Adventure Kings 60L WIFI Fridge/Freezer – a slightly more efficient design than other 60l portable refrigerators, the brand new Adventure Kings 60L WIFI Fridge/Freezer offers a much thicker insulated lid and heavy duty gaskets to seal in the cold air, and operates using the industry benchmark SECOP (Danfoss) BD35F Compressor making performance reliable and quiet.

The other dazzling brand-new feature of this updated 60L portable fridge freezer is the ability to control it via WIFI using a smart-phone from a distance up to 30m away, giving indications of the temperature setting and the voltage being used, and allows the settings to be adjusted ensuring all food and drinks are kept cold at camp.

The brand new Adventure Kings 60L WIFI Fridge/Freezer utilizes a heavy duty White Powder Coated Metal Exterior for absolute durability in harsh environments where corrosion may usually occur, the integrated metal latches, securely fasten the lid, and ensure a quality seal is made.

The brand new 60L WIFI Fridge/Freezer has the ability to operate off 12V, 24V & 240V, offering the same versatility as the other brand new fridges in the lineup.

The next refrigerator in the latest releases of Adventure Kings refrigerators, is the Adventure Kings 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezeroffering most of the same features found in the new 60L WIFI enabled fridge, found in the lineup, however, utilizes the heavier duty SECOP BD50F Compressor, enabling this behemoth to operate with dual zone refrigeration, allowing items to be kept frozen in one section whilst the other offers easy to access cooling, perfect for grabbing cold ones, without melting tomorrows dinner.

The WIFI functionality of the new 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer enables the temperature to be monitored and controlled remotely via smartphone connection as with the smaller 60L WIFI Fridge Freezer in the Adventure Kings Range.

The final brand new release within the Adventure Kings range is the Adventure Kings 90L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer, which offers all the same functionality as the Adventure Kings 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer with an additional 15L of cooling space. Perfect for larger families, longer trips, and even as a bar fridge at home. The new 90L Dual zone Fridge offers plenty of usable internal space for freezing fishing catches, or keeping a pack of sausages frozen for nights way down the track, where dinner may not be certain!

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