NetHunt Becomes a Google Cloud Partner

NetHunt is proud to announce it has been included in Google's top list of companies with outstanding data management service

NetHunt Google Cloud Partner

NetHunt CRM, a smart inbox for Gmail and Google Apps, announced today that it has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program (GCTPP) to establish the deeper cooperation and integration with Google and help customers enjoy a better experience by storing and sharing data using cloud technology.

Google is thriving to help customers benefit from using Google Cloud Platform and for this reason, establishes fruitful cooperation with qualified companies like NetHunt that deliver exceptional customer data management services. Google Cloud Team offers its partners complete support to become a platform to build a favorable environment for their users.

NetHunt achieved Google Cloud Technology Partner status after having implemented principle recommendations and complied with specific requirements. By becoming a technology partner, NetHunt receives ample opportunities to develop the product and meet customers' needs and expectations.

The main benefits of collaborating with Google include:

  • the deeper level of integration with Google, which results in faster data processing and more features for end users;
  • access to updates and beta version of the Google products: NetHunt is informed of all the upcoming changes in advance and will have time to adjust the system promptly and seamlessly for users’ convenience;
  • NetHunt CRM, optimized specifically for Google products, allows users to employ it intuitively and simultaneously with G Suite;
  • thanks to its sophisticated cloud technology, Google offers unlimited object storage;
  • Google provides NetHunt with support and guidance on improvements and updates.

NetHunt offers Google users a Gmail integrated CRM to manage customers' details inside the inbox. As a technology partner, NetHunt ensures users’ data safety, therefore all the information is securely stored on Google Cloud. Having joined the GCTPP, NetHunt now has even more resources to come up with empowering solutions for the users and enable them to focus on the business without ever worrying about the safety of their information. Data security has never been an issue in NetHunt, and now with it becoming a Google Cloud Partner, customers have further proof what a reliable CRM it is.

“With the development of Google Cloud services and growing number of users employing NetHunt CRM for Gmail, such a strong reliable relationship with Google Cloud allows us to cooperate closely and build a nurturing ecosystem for our customers,“ said Andrei Petrik, CEO and co-founder at NetHunt.

About NetHunt

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, NetHunt is a software company that offers a smart CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for Gmail and Google Apps. The system provides a high level of customizability for a wide range of industries and business activities, features an automated CRM records management system with sales and email marketing capabilities. For more information about NetHunt CRM, visit

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