National Telethon to Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

A Worthwhile Telethon

Human trafficking is the second-largest criminal industry in the world, with over 800,000 people trafficked against their will across international borders each year. For those who escape, many are left with the scarring aftermath of trauma and addiction from being treated like a commodity. Worthwhile Wear is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to reaching lives affected by human trafficking and restoring these survivors with a sense of belonging and worth.  

Worthwhile Wear serves survivors of human trafficking in the greater Philadelphia area by providing them with comprehensive care which includes housing, employment, counseling, and various other services. This holistic care approach presents the women in their program(s) with the best opportunity to heal from the significant trauma that they experienced. This amazing organization offers the most comprehensive services to survivors of trafficking in Pennsylvania due to the tremendous response from the larger community.

In an effort to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking, and much-needed funds for Worthwhile Wear's housing and restorative services, they are choosing to do something different to gain a larger audience. Fueled by nostalgia and creativity, Worthwhile Wear is hosting a nationwide Telethon on Friday, November 13, that individuals and viewing parties can live stream safely from their home. Without the confines of an event space and no tickets to sell, this event allows even more businesses, individuals and sponsors to get involved and learn more about what is being done to end human trafficking.  

Join hosts singer, Justin Guarini and TV Designer, Monica Mangin along with Worthwhile Wear's executive director, Dan Emr, as they take us through an evening of live music, special guests, interviews, program updates, a silent auction, and giving challenges. 

Special guests include Ricky Staub of Neighborhood Film Co., Erik Kratz from the New York Yankees, Marti MacGibbon, and Steve Tybor of Eight Days of Hope along with interviews with graduates from Worthwhile Wear's housing program, The Well.

Viewers will also hear from human trafficking experts from REST, Ending The Game, and The Samaritan Women

Be a part of the solution to END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN by joining Worthwhile Wear for this nationwide telethon fundraiser on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13.  


Register for A Worthwhile Telethon at Everyone who completes a free registration will gain early access to the online silent auction and a direct link to watch the live stream telethon.

Host a Watch Party. Gather with friends and family for this live event. We've even got special Watch Party Boxes just for hosts, complete with instructions and information about Worthwhile Wear along with specialty snacks and treats for guests plus a couple props for some photo ops. 

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Source: Worthwhile Wear