A Simple Act That Supports Survivors of Human Trafficking in Worthwhile Wear Programs

Every mile logged translates into a donation for survivors.

2022 Act Challenge

Over 25 million people are trafficked worldwide, leaving many survivors with inadequate resources for dealing with trauma, abuse, and addiction. But despite these odds, there's hope and a way for everyone to be a part of the solution.

Now, through July 30, everyone, everywhere is invited to walk, bike, run, swim or even kayak to support survivors of human trafficking through Worthwhile Wear's national "Act Challenge." For every mile logged at WorthwhileWear.org or shared on social media using @WorthwhileWear, Act Challenge sponsors will make a financial donation per mile that helps provide safe housing and restorative programming to survivors of human trafficking in America. The Act Challenge is a free event and open to all ages and abilities.

Schools, businesses, gyms, churches and even other organizations are capitalizing on the opportunity this event offers. Educate students, clients and colleagues on the issue of human trafficking, and then host a walk/jog/ride to make a positive impact in the life of someone affected by trafficking. 

The goal of this year's Act Challenge is to complete 30,000 miles by July 30, "World Day Against Trafficking." Join everyone in raising awareness about the issue of trafficking and help expand housing capacity and outreach programs for survivors by logging miles today.

To join this effort, follow these steps:

1.       Track: Log miles while walking, running, biking, swimming, kayaking, etc.

2.       Record: Submit completed miles on the submission form at www.worthwhilewear.org or post on social media and tag @WorthwhileWear 

3.       Repeat: Miles may be submitted every day through July 30.

So far, the response has been incredible with people submitting miles from all across America. New York Yankees Catcher Erik Kratz says this about participating in the Act Challenge:

"When training or working out, it's important to stay motivated, and for me, there's no greater motivation than knowing that my miles are helping others. I'm motivated to push harder knowing that my effort is supporting the important work that Worthwhile Wear is doing to bring hope and healing to survivors."

Don't sit idle. The simple act of being active will help human trafficking survivors and bring hope to many who are still working through past trauma brought on by sexual exploitation. 

Worthwhile Wear is a 501c3 non-profit that offers the most comprehensive services to survivors of trafficking in the state of Pennsylvania and is actively growing its outreach program to survivors into other states. Worthwhile Wear provides survivors with long-term housing on a beautiful 82-acre property just outside of Philadelphia, PA. It equips survivors with job training and employment through its thrift stores, empowers survivors of sexual exploitation through its community outreach programs, and globally employs survivors in the making of Worthwhile Wear apparel.  

For more information or to learn about business sponsorships, visit WorthwhileWear.org.

Press Contact: Bengelbart@worthwhilewear.org

Source: Worthwhile Wear