National Recreation and Parks Acquisition Program Announcement

Box hockey manufacturer International Sports Corporation announces a special purchase program designed for recreation and parks facilities across North America.

International Sports Corporation today announced, in conjunction with the National Recreation and Parks Convention in Las Vegas, the establishment of a new program specifically designed to facilitate acquisition of the H-Box® professional quality box hockey game by members of the National Recreation and Parks Association.

The H-Box® box hockey game is an ideal addition to both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities where it is enjoyed by people with a wide variety of interests, not just NHL® fans.  It provides an excellent workout while at the same time being fun, appealing to people of all ages and all sexes.

We are a company that believes in being socially and environmentally responsible. This means that we support groups like the Boys and Girls clubs and other charities with special purchase programs, as we do schools and hockey schools. It is only fitting, therefore, that we also provide a special purchase program for National Recreation and Parks Association members.

Robert Heller, CEO

The H-Box® professional quality box hockey product, manufactured from completely recyclable high density polyethylene in a structural foam process, uses less resin and less energy to manufacture than injection molded product while at the same time being stronger and more durable.  The design and manufacturing process implemented for the manufacturing of the H-Box® makes it the best choice in box hockey products for National Recreation and Parks Association members.

NRPA members interested in acquiring the H-Box® for their recreation or park facility should contact ISC directly. Members can expect to enjoy significant discounts on orders received up to 12/31/2015.

H-Box® Box Hockey At It's Best™

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International Sports Corporation manufactures the H-Box® box hockey game and accessories. These products can be seen on Amazon and the company's web store at

The H-Box is used at a number of NHL® ice hockey clubs.

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