H-Box® Canada Christmas Shipping

The Canadian dollar is at a significant disadvantage to the U.S. dollar and this has caused some difficulty for our Canadian customers. In an effort to make the H-Box® box hockey game more affordable for our Canadian customers we have instituted a new shipping policy.

International Sports Corporation is pleased to announce a new Canada shipping policy which will make the H-Box® box hockey product more affordable for Canadian customers.

Prior to 2015 the H-Box® base was molded in Canada and assembly for the Canadian market was completed in British Columbia.  Due to increasing costs, ISC moved the complete manufacturing process to the United States.  Unfortunately, this coincided with a drop in the Canadian dollar which has made the H-Box® un-affordable for many prospective customers across Canada.​

We have had so many inquiries from our Canadian friends regarding ordering the H-Box® we felt we had to come up with a way to make it easier for them to purchase. While we cannot discount the product to the extent the Canadian dollar is at a disadvantage - 30% as it currently stands - we feel that the shipping protocol will go a long way to making the H-Box® more affordable.

Robert Heller, CEO

In an effort to moderate the effect of the Canadian dollar decline, ISC today announced a shipping protocol that will allow the company to reduce shipping costs to Canada and offer Canadians the same flat rate shipping options that U.S. customers enjoy.

Complete details of the program are available on the company's web site at this link: Shipping H-Box® To Canada.

While there is a small delay in actual shipment, the company is confident any orders received before December 7th 2015 can be delivered to most places in Canada in time for Christmas gifting.

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