National Education Foundation's STEM Academy of the Year Award Goes to Brocton Central School District, New York

Brocton Student

​​​​​National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in STEM education, and its university partner, the State University of New York (SUNY), have selected Brocton Central School District, New York as the national winner of the NEF 2019 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Leadership Award.   

Brocton’s success stands out as a clear example of how to cost-effectively improve student achievement and job readiness by involving and motivating all the stakeholders (students, teachers, parents and administrators).

Somerton School District (Arizona) and Martins Ferry Area Schools (Ohio) have also been recognized for their distinguished achievements in STEM as NEF 2019 STEM Merit Award recipients.

Dr. Appu Kuttan, Chairman of NEF states, “We congratulate Brocton! Brocton students made a significant improvement in math and reading state test scores, via individualized learning, robotics and motivational rewards."

Next school year, NEF’s CTE (Career Tech Education) program will prepare high school students for high-demand jobs in IT, Business, Engineering, and Health Sciences.

To tackle the nation’s serious STEM worker shortage problem, Dr. Kuttan, after consulting the White House and Congress, recently announced the NEF-SUNY STEM VISION FOR AMERICA to prepare one million students, especially the disadvantaged and girls, in STEM.

As part of this program, NEF and SUNY plan to launch a statewide initiative to help make New York the first STEM state in the Nation.

With state-supported BOCES aid and NEF’s 80% grant, New York school districts can now implement NEF’s Total STEM System Solution (TSSS) very inexpensively for all K-12 students. TSSS practically guarantees student performance and job readiness.

This STEM Leadership Award celebrates the exemplary implementation of the NEF-SUNY STEM education solution by Brocton. A key to implementation was a passionate STEM academy director, Mrs. Jodi Huber.

Brocton superintendent, Jason Delcamp states, “Since our partnership with NEF over two years ago, it has been a journey that is almost too good to be true. NEF’s ​Total STEM Systems Solution (TSSS) approach has proven to be the "right" one to students achieving, reaching their goals and transforming our school to meet the STEM needs of the future."

Mr. Delcamp continues, “We are convinced that NEF, led by Dr. Kuttan, a great visionary, can make New York the first fully integrated STEM state in the country. I want to thank Dr. Kuttan, NEF and SUNY staff for partnering with us, and we look forward to the exciting years to come.”

According to Dr. Kuttan, “NEF and SUNY are concerned that the U.S. is ranked 27th out of 34 countries globally in math and science. Our world-class STEM Academies across the nation will help students of disadvantaged schools improve their STEM skills and better prepare them for STEM jobs in the highly competitive 21st-century global economy.”

School Districts/Schools across the nation can apply for the 80% NEF STEM grants at

Source: National Education Foundation


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