Narconon Freedom Center Student Reports Thirteen Years Sober

Narconon Freedom Center student reports she now has thirteen years sober and couldn't have done it without the tools she learned at Narconon Freedom Center.

Alice S. completed the Narconon Freedom Center program in 2003. Now 13 years later, Alice is sharing her recovery story and how she has been helping other addicts improve conditions in their lives through the Narconon Freedom Center drug rehabilitation program.

Alice started abusing drugs when she was just 13 years old. She had lost her mother at a very young age, so it was just her and her father trying to get by without a mother figure or a wife. Alice states, “His motivation and ambition died when she died. Due to this situation, I had to learn at a very early ago to be on my own, as my father began to drink heavily. I feel the loss of her was a major reason for my turning to drugs.”

I am not a drug addict anymore. This was a huge realization for me and I knew life would be a whole new world for me now.

By the time Alice had turned 16, she was abusing heroin on a daily basis. She states, “I can remember telling myself that I could stop at any time, but that turned out to be wishful thinking and I only became more and more addicted.”

Due to her drug use, Alice was in and out of jail and making promises she would quit using to the judges every time only to return to drugs within hours of being released. Alice got so desperate to quit using, she sat in a hospital waiting room all day only to be told at the end of the day she would need to come back tomorrow. Alice never returned to the hospital and quickly went back to her next drug binge.

A few weeks after trying to be admitted at the hospital, Alice’s life was saved when she found Narconon Freedom Center and was admitted for addiction treatment. She recalls, “I knew I had a chance at saving myself from the minute I walked in the doors. Narconon Freedom Center’s program brought out the real me that I had been covering up with drug use. Their program taught my life skills that I still use to this day.”

As Alice progressed through the treatment program, she could feel the strength building within and then one day she realized, “I am not a drug addict anymore.” She goes on to say, “this was a huge realization for me and I knew life would be a whole new world for me now.”

Once Alice completed the Narconon Freedom Center program, she knew she could do anything she ever wanted to do with her life. Because the Narconon program had given her so much, she knew in her heart that she wanted to help save others from the grips of addiction.

Alice works constantly to help others improve other’s lives by providing them with the life skills tools that Narconon provides. She feels it is important for addicts to complete the Narconon program because without it, they will end up dead, in jail or a psych ward. Alice states, “The Narconon program offers a drug-free method of beating addiction and doesn’t tell you that you will be an addict living with a disease the rest of your life. This type of treatment is essential to being able to put your past behind you and truly move on with the present life you have created through hard work and the Narconon program.”

If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment that offers a drug- free approach to handling addiction, contact Narconon Freedom Center today at (877) 639-2909.